Social Media Management

social media management.

Hiring a social media manager can be a real game changer for small business owners, just be sure that when setting out your relationship you state clear expectations to avoid disappointment.

Social Media Management

Seeing as my career as a business coach developed from a love of independent retailers it will be no surprise to you that I follow quite a few indie businesses local to Hertfordshire. Supporting our economy is something I feel very strongly about and whilst I’m a huge advocate for outsourcing unnecessary workloads, I am beginning to notice a phenomenon in the social media management of accounts, that I feel morally obliged to shout about.

Very frequently when I enquire into products or services through an account which should be benefitting from social media management I am left with my enquiry completely unanswered. Something I find frustrating for the brand owner as we all know that the kind of customer who actively seeks our products or service is in fact, the dream customer. Requiring absolutely no effort to convert the sale is what we all want right?

So why is it my enquiries are going unanswered? Well, more often than not a freelance social media manager is handling multiple businesses and accounts and potentially your venture is not their top priority. This can happen for a number of reasons however I’ve compiled a list of advice to help you combat this should you fall prey to these kinds of lost opportunities.

What are Your Expectations?

Have you discussed with your social media manager how you would like the client communication journey to flow? Quite often when setting out a relationship with a freelancer it’s easy to just assume they will work to your expectations but how could that be the case if you’ve not communicated them. Never, ever assume you’re on the same page and always remember, marketing and content creation may be their speciality but your business, it’s overall goals and meeting your clients needs are yours.

Be sure to set out clear terms and expectations from the outset and have your SMM agree to them.

Analytics Reports

Is your social media manager providing you with insights into how your posts are performing or how clients are interacting with you? If not, be sure to request this information as it can be crucial to understanding whether your investment in this area of your business is currently working out, it may be the case your social media manager needs to shift their focus to another form of content or platform, utilise different hashtags or target a different audience through ads. Potentially it could also be the case that social media management isn’t actually providing the best return on investment.


Do you have the ability to login and interact with clients via the accounts set up by your paid social media manager? If not I would strongly suggest you request the ability to do so, that way you can audit the interactions and pick up on any communications your social media manager may have missed.

Is it Necessary?

The last point I would like to make is establishing whether it’s necessary to be outsourcing this particular role within your business? While taking care of your social media can seem like a huge task to undertake there are ways you can make greater impacts on your business through different means.

What if you held training sessions on social media management with your team? Delegated responsibility for specific actions to each staff member? It’s also important to remember here that quite often the more involvement you give to your staff the more invested they feel in your business.

If you’re not confident in hosting a training session or you run a solo show with a time deficit on your hands why not consider hiring a coach for a set period of time to increase the skillset of yourself or your team?

Or maybe a better investment for you and your business would be focusing on other development areas. Such as cutting down on the amount of admin you handle personally so that you have the ability to oversee more projects within your brand.

My point is there are a vast number of ways a business owner can strengthen their enterprise and whilst social media management is one of them, just like every other investment in business it’s important to be discerning, analytical and clear in your decision making process before deciding what’s right for you, your team, your brand and your clients.

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