Running your Business from Home? Social Media HACK

Are you pulling your hair out? Running your business from home and struggling to focus?

Too many distractions in your newsfeed? Don’t fight it! Harness the power of your scrolling instead.

It’s all too easy in these lockdown days to feel as though we’re not doing enough. In reality we are in extremely challenging times both emotionally and financially and there’s absolutely no good to come from shouldering blame for issues outside of your control, what you CAN do is find the hidden opportunity.

Here’s a few things to consider…

What is within your influence?
Can you force clients to buy your services or products? No!
Can you INFLUENCE their likelihood to? YES.
The beauty is that by scrolling your newsfeed you can begin to use that power of influence.
Here are a few of the reasons why:

1. While you’re scrolling you are gaining useful insights into your clients and their taste.
2. As long as you are following the big competition you are gathering intel on industry trends.
3. You have the opportunity to engage with your fan base.
4. You are fulfilling the need for social interaction that we humans crave.

The most important tip to remember is while you’re interacting with your followers and prospective clients BE AUTHENTIC, make sure to reach them with genuine compliments, advice or conversation. We can all tell the difference between a follower who is genuinely interested and someone who is out fishing. 🎣

All this being said I have ONE NON-NEGOTIABLE….

Whilst you are scrolling, keep a notepad next to you. Anything that inspires, or catches your eye and leads you to consider an idea for your business, write it down. Once you have finished your binge (you can manage the amount of time spent scrolling with a timer on your phone if it helps you maintain control) visit your notes, is there anything actionable? In that case, get to work pal!

The beauty of this technique is you can continue the cycle all day, never missing out on the social interaction that is often lacking when working from home, but also ensuring something beneficial comes out of it!

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