Hertford’s Heroes Vol 1.

For many people it’s quite expected that Fridays and Saturdays would be the best days of their week. Friday’s full of hopes and plans for the weekend ahead and Saturday’s with their lack of the approaching “Monday blues” which a Sunday always seems to be full of.

The thing is, for a long time I’d never really experienced any of these feelings. For the best part of my career I was a manager in luxury retail where weekends basically didn’t exist and now I work from home as a business coach. Quite often due to the creative nature of my role I find myself getting swept away with inspiration for my clients and their businesses, something I’m sure must aggravate my boyfriend when talk of work can often take over a weekend stroll. Still, all this in mind there is one thing that is guaranteed to bring me back down to earth.

Emmie Murphy’s Village Store and the fantastic team at the Millstream Pub in Port Vale.

Many long term Hertfordshire residents may be familiar with Emmie Murphy’s Village Store based in Little Berkhamsted and equally may frequent the Millstream Pub in Port Vale. What they may not know is that Emmie Murphy’s Village Store has belonged to pub owner Nicky and her family since the late 90’s and was named after her Mother who’d dreamed of one day owning it herself.

Passionately involved in the local community Nicky has always strived to provide local food producers a location to sell their products from and when popping in for coffee a few weeks back she told me all about just how much she’d loved driving around the local villages buying home grown produce from the many honesty boxes and stands outside peoples homes. The produce used in the kitchen at The Millstream and stocked at Emmie Murphy’s was inspired by these memories.

I have to say based on my experience, Nicky and the team have created a fantastic platform for local food producers to showcase their wares and simultaneously created a warm, welcoming and comfortable shopping environment for local patrons, even in the midst of all the stress and worry this year has brought to us.

With cakes, pastries and bakes of all varieties made on site by their incredibly talented chef, your mouth is sure to be set watering upon arrival. The Millstream team have thought of everything, with a generous vegan bakes selection, fresh coffee, meat, fruit and veg and even smoked salmon exclusively produced for them by the Welwyn SmokeHouse! Their selection truly rivals no other. To top all else off (and definitely showing the ex Londoner in me) they make a flat white to rival any artisan coffee house.

In a year filled with chaos, stress and heartache something happens when you walk into the Millstream on a Friday or Saturday morning, maybe it’s the familiar comfort of once again stepping inside a cosy pub; a sense that just for a moment you’ve stepped away from the stress of COVID times. Perhaps it’s the friendly and welcoming nature of the team. Maybe it’s the beautiful freshly baked pastries, cakes and carefully selected local produce. Whatever it is, visiting the Millstream featuring Emmie Murphy’s Village Store is a welcome addition to my weekends. To top it all off at just a stones throw away from Hartham Park they provide the perfect location for a quick pitstop before heading out for a dog walk or adventure with the kids, doors open from 9-12 Friday-Saturday and my advice, get in early for the best selection.

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