The A-Z of Business Management

Independent’s edition

Today is a day I am very excited about, I have spent the last 2 months writing a book for independent business leaders that includes all the attitudes, actions and tools which I know to be game changing within business leadership, the A-Z of Business Management.

After reading this book you should be able to:

  • Develop your team to become ambassadors for your company and it’s goals
  • Be recognised as an authority within your industry
  • Achieve a better work/life balance
  • Exude confidence in your role
  • Open more sales opportunities for your business

In the post below I have written some personal information explaining all of the motivations behind this book however if you would like to skip ahead to the download just click here:

The A-Z of Business Management

If you have been reading these blogs from launch or following my business on social media you will likely get the impression that I strive to set myself apart from the online business coaching world. This is something that has been exceedingly difficult throughout COVID-19 as promoting my business online has been the only method of communicating both my competency and passion in business.

I must admit, with the lack of face to face networking throughout this past year it’s been extremely challenging to try and communicate my ethics as a coach and re-assure my clients on the value their business would gain through using my consulting services. I didn’t want to have to use gimmicky sales tactics and marketing pitches to draw clients into group sessions and workshops as my business and personality are very much focused on the one to one relationships I create and thrive on.

Ordinarily I market my business and it’s benefits by showcasing competency in my field, something that’s often achieved in the pub sharing a bottle of wine with friends, meeting people and entering conversations about what we do for a living. In that environment it’s easy to showcase my value and build bonds, it’s often just a case of resolving a small issue there and then or throwing out creative ideas which will benefit the business of the person I’m chatting to.

So, how would I be able to promote my business on social media without compromising my ethics and values? Particularly when the world and his wife are either, a. pivoting their business to become social media focused and amending their marketing strategies accordingly, or alternatively, b. have no experience in coaching but have identified an opportunity to create a new business in this sphere and promote on social? The furlough scheme has enabled so many people to build an enterprise of their own and whilst I praise this as an opportunity it has meant my industry is currently saturated.

I sat down some months ago and I tried to imagine a grand gesture that I could implement within my business that would act as the marketing strategy I required, yet still align with my style and ethics in my profession. Up until that point I had been attempting to solve the small issues of my follower base through specific flash coaching via social media. The problem with this strategy is that you’ve a limited amount of language or video time to utilise on each platform and whilst I’m by no means camera shy I am well aware that my skillset sits heavily within written word. So that’s when it struck me, what if I could write the ULTIMATE guide to business management? Put down on paper everything I know to be absolutely game changing for business leaders, everything I’d learnt over the 10 years of my career and what if I gave it away for free?

This may seem like a bonkers idea but the way I see it, although this book covers everything I wished I’d known at the beginning of my management career, there is still room within it to offer my services as support for my clients in reaching their goals. Obviously, it is important to make clear that while this book is and always will be free, I’m quite candidly informing you that there may be moments within it when I shamelessly plug my profession!

That being said, this book is more about helping others than it is about selling, a desire to help people is what got me into coaching and consulting in the first place and if this book even achieves that for just one independent business leader then I will sleep soundly at night.

If you do become that person, please share this book. Who knows how far it could reach in supporting other leaders in either launching a business or strengthening an existing one.

Regardless of whether or not this book inspires you to enquire into my services I would LOVE to hear your opinions on my methods. If you do read it, feel free to send me a message with your thoughts or queries! I am also happy to elaborate on any points!

All that’s left to do now is click the link below, download the book and enjoy!

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