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Going for Gold at Golding’s Estate Rare Breeds Farm

When I stepped onto Golding’s Estate Rare Breeds Farm, I felt I understood almost instantly why this business had been nominated to feature in this section of my blog. The conservation farm on Bramfield Road happens to have (in my opinion) the best and most underrated view in Hertford but I soon discovered there’s so much more to this venue than what meets the eye.

Golding’s opened their doors last summer when they recognised the urgent need for more outdoor activities and social opportunities within the community. What impressed me most about that fact is that not only did they open their farm to the public, but farm owner Morag Tait threw herself into creating a unique and fun filled experience in comparison to other open farms. She has utilised the land to it’s fullest potential both for the animals who call it home and the families that join them for a visit. 

Take a stroll through a field of socialised mixed breed livestock and you will have the opportunity to explore the many waterways on site, including the UK’s smallest canal. If a long walk around the grounds isn’t enough to tire your little ones out then perhaps a swing from the great oak might see them zapped of their energy, just make sure they save some for the crescendo!

A ninja warrior woodland assault course that even I struggled not to throw myself around! (apologies for that Morag!) The farm also features themed outdoor rooms so don’t worry about those weary legs and hungry tummies, you’ve definitely got a wonderful setting to take a rest and have some afternoon tea. 

If by this point you’ve had enough adventure but still can’t pull yourself away from the view, the family can enjoy some craft time, quiet reading in one of the on site teepees or perhaps some messy play in the mud kitchen. By this point if you STILL didn’t want to leave you could always book a glamping experience on a secluded 3 acres of meadow set away from the main buildings, something I know I will be treating myself to as a staycation this year!

To summarise, I truly believe Golding’s Farm have created an environment which enables families to “rewild” and engage with nature in a way that is not often conveniently available. This farm is quirky, environmentally friendly fun which enables children to explore and play in a way that so many other learning environments cannot offer. Morag has also managed to weave the sustainable ethics of her farm into this experience, sharing with her visitors the fact that Golding’s is very far from “normal” farms and is home to many rare breed endangered species.

Morag spoke passionately with me when I joined her for the day about the ethical element of her business and the sustainability of choosing meat sources that are both local and native breeds. She prides herself on having the opportunity to educate families and children who join her that farms like hers are absolutely vital in working towards a more sustainable future.

To book a day trip, afternoon tea of a glamping experience contact the farm on: 07902405708 they’re open daily from 11am.

Also, don’t forget to follow their facebook and instagram pages to keep up to date with their themed activities and events throughout the year, from what I hear there’s a lot coming!

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