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Fred and Ginger Hertford

As some of you will know, my Hertford Hero blog posts are usually featuring businesses that have been nominated by you good folk for excelling in their industry.

This month I thought I would do something different and put forward my own nomination. This business is one that is well loved within our community, something that has been emphasised with their recent win of a Love Hertford award in the hair and beauty sector! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

All this being said, if by some bizarre turn of events you have never heard of, or even visited Fred and Ginger salon in Hertford I’ve put together all the reasons why you should.

I may be a tad biased here, I’ve been in love with Fred an Ginger since early 2016. After a turn events that occurred in my life which knocked my confidence and left me hesitant of salons for quite some time. Thanks to a bad breakup and poor diet I developed iron deficiency anaemia which in turn became a pretty serious case of alopecia. Over the course of 2 months I lost a significant amount of hair and my confidence was in tatters.

I attempted to disguise the situation through the use of a strategic side parting and coif but without having a trim for sometime, every brush of my hair resulted in more loss. I decided to bite the bullet and look for a hairdresser who could help me style it in the most discreet way possible.

My only issue here was that despite being born and raised in Hertford I was a hussy when it came to salons, the truth was I’d never found the right stylist to settle down with and as a result had been putting myself about a bit. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to commit! It was just that over the course of my youth I’d experienced every salon horror story under the sun. Whether it was awkward conversations, orange bleach jobs, snapping a stylist’s brush, or on one rather extreme occasion, making a hairdresser cry (I asked her to cut my hip length locks into a bob.) All this had left me crimson faced and unwilling to return to the many crime scenes my bad luck had take me!

Seeing a new salon appear in town gave me hope for a fresh opportunity to meet the scissor wielding stylist of my dreams and I wasn’t disappointed, Becky took one look at my hair, treated me as though I was just the same as any other client in her chair and managed to ease my anxiety around both my long term struggles with hair salons and my current rather pressing problem of the distinct lack of hair on top of my head. She was the perfect blend of expertise, good conversation and value for money, ticking all of the boxes I never knew I had.

Now as some of you may know I’ve moved in and out of Hertford over the past few years on more occasions than I’ve had hot dinners but with every chance I get I pop to Fred and Ginger for a snip and a chat. Whether I’m in Becky’s seat or any other stylists has never mattered, the same service and atmosphere is provided no matter who I’ve seen.

So as you can tell, at this point of the story I’m pretty much Fred and Gingers biggest fan, what more could these ladies possibly do to move further up my good books?! Queue COVID-19. If you weren’t following Fred and Ginger on FB or Insta then more fool you. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out I’m a business coach and consultant that specialises in Independent Business. I live and breathe my job and can always spot a fellow business owner sitting comfortably in the same boat.

What blew me away throughout the lockdowns, anxiety and social isolation was salon owner Becky’s ability to ensure her business remained relevant throughout COVID and that she was always remaining engaged with her team and clients. My favourite memory? The April fools video when she mixed up “home hair colours” featuring peanut butter and marmite. Now that’s something I will never forget. 😂😂😂

Thank you Becky and the team for showing up every day with the same passion and dedication to your roles! You understand that for many of us a local salon is more than an opportunity to have our hair done but in fact, an escape from the sometimes hard realities we face in our day to day lives.

To find out more about Fred and Ginger Hertford, or to book a consultation click here

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