5 Rules of Business Coaching

My 5 rules of business coaching

When seeking out business coaching it’s incredibly important to make sure that your coach aligns with your needs. In the initial stages of your search the most important things to consider are the following:

My 5 Rules of Business Coaching

  1. Personal achievements – can your coach provide evidence of their proven success in business?
  2. Business ethics – will your coaches business morals match up with yours?
  3. Fees – Is the business coach flexible to work within your budget?
  4. Personality! Do you see yourself wanting to work with this coach?
  5. Delivery – How does the business coach present the hard truths that can sometimes be a challenge to deliver or receive? A candid relationship is important but their ability to empathise is vital.

I believe it’s extremely important that a business coach truly understands the needs of their client. I always begin every coaching relationship with a full investigation of my clients concerns. After your first complimentary consultation I offer a free full proposal for you to use at will. Aside from this, in my opinion the next most important stage of your coaching journey is ensuring that our relationship as business leader and coach is supported by a great rapport and shared vision.

Seeking out coaching and consulting for your business can be a challenge and is often made by those with a desire to achieve great things, it’s essential in my line of work that I match your passion and dedication on a daily basis. This is why I’ve created this page. This article is the first step for you to establish whether our ethics are well matched from the start of our relationship, keep reading to discover my values and decide whether they’re right for your business.

Trust and Transparency

I believe trust and transparency are the key components to any good relationship, particularly in the professional world, working with a business coach who is open and honest can give you the reassurance that your brand goals and visions will be taken care of and any hurdles communicated clearly.

Value for Money

Too often the world of business coaching is cloaked in secrecy and thanks to the boom in online business, anyone can pose as a coach regardless of experience. Unfortunately for my industry there are a select few “online coaches” who use a business leaders drive to succeed as a way to make easy money. I like to tailor my coaching services to each business based on it’s size, needs and the longevity of the project in question, never blanket sweeping my clients with my approach. The pricing structure I have created means my clients can pick and choose specific areas of their business to receive coaching in, enabling them to effectively hand create their own unique package. This allows me to provide them with one fee that covers all of their goals.

Proven Success in Business

Prior to setting up my own business, I was extremely honoured to have reached the top of my career very early on. What began with wiping tables in a local coffee shop 10 years ago, blossomed into a fruitful career managing some of the most famous and successful international brands. I have been honoured to win employee of the year awards, led teams to continuous financial wins and introduced Japan’s number 1 luxury brand to the UK market. It was a privilege to achieve these goals as not only one of the youngest leaders in my field, but also within the most famous luxury shopping destination in the world.

Clear Communication

Too often relationships break down due to a lack of effective communication, this can often be the case in business! Whether that be losing the ability to connect with your clients in a way that resonates with them, or finding innovative ways to maintain your staff engagement. This value can even apply to the methods that I use to communicate with you in a coaching environment, which is why I tailor my communication style and training around you and the needs of your team and business, I am always aiming to make it personal and relevant.

Ongoing Support

Just because our project is finished that doesn’t mean our relationship needs to be. I offer complimentary ongoing support and will always be available for a chat, be that on a personal or a professional level.

so now you know all about my business, why not contact me to tell me all about yours. Book your complimentary 30 minute consultation by contacting me here.


“Natalie was initially engaged to be an interim social media manager to help us develop our reach on various platforms. Very quickly we realised that we needed her expertise in other areas of our online presence and she also assisted us with the development of our new website. What has been most useful about working with Natalie is the wealth of ideas that she brings to the table. She is able to view the business from an outside perspective and see opportunities that the existing management team are completely blinkered to. I’m sure we will be utilising Natalie in many other areas of the business as she has been so valuable in the work she has undertaken so far.”

Chris Eland – Operations Manager,

“As part of my post grad Natalie helped to establish a programme of reflection, which gave me the ability to gain greater insights into my study and then ultimately add value back into my organisation. Her coach methodology was full of helpful tools and techniques and her personal approach enabled us to build an instant rapport. She was professional, knowledgable and full of positive energy. I’ve been able to apply all the outcomes of the coaching sessions in real world settings, both with my team at work and my career horizons. Can’t thank her enough for tangible improvements and benefits I’ve gained. Made up with it all and happy to give a glowing reference!”

Jack Skofic – Graduate MBA

“Natalie was a great support to my art publication project, her industry knowledge is fantastic and her positive energy infectious!”

Hermione Canton – Local Artist
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