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Hertford’s Heroes Vol 2

Going for Gold at Golding’s Estate Rare Breeds Farm When I stepped onto Golding’s Estate Rare Breeds Farm, I felt I understood almost instantly why this business had been nominated to feature in this section of my blog. The conservation farm on Bramfield Road happens to have (in my opinion) the best and most underratedContinue reading “Hertford’s Heroes Vol 2”

The A-Z of Business Management

Independent’s edition Today is a day I am very excited about, I have spent the last 2 months writing a book for independent business leaders that includes all the attitudes, actions and tools which I know to be game changing within business leadership, the A-Z of Business Management. After reading this book you should beContinue reading “The A-Z of Business Management”

Social Media Management HACK

Are you pulling your hair out? Running your business from home and struggling to focus? Too many distractions in your newsfeed to focus on effective social media management? Don’t fight it! Harness the power of your scrolling instead. Now working from home is so commonplace for many of us, t’s all too easy to feelContinue reading “Social Media Management HACK”

The 5 Terms all Business Coaches Need to Lose

As a business coach I feel it’s extremely important to harbour a relationship of respect and understanding when I am consulting with my clients. The trouble is, the online world of coaching comes with a hoard of the “get rich quick” crowd who’s sole intention seems to be selling to a clients insecurities for personalContinue reading “The 5 Terms all Business Coaches Need to Lose”

Social Media Management

Hiring a social media manager can be a real game changer for small business owners, just be sure that when setting out your relationship you state clear expectations to avoid disappointment. Social Media Management Seeing as my career as a business coach developed from a love of independent retailers it will be no surprise toContinue reading “Social Media Management”

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