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Choosing your Package

My mission as a coach and consultant is to make my services accessible to all businesses with full transparency on cost. That’s why I offer bespoke coaching packages that are tailored to your business size and needs. After our initial chat I provide a fixed fee over an agreed term meaning there are no hidden costs throughout our professional relationship. I also offer the flexibility to take on either an advisory position or more of a hands on approach at delivering change within your business.

Business Coaching Services

Choose from one of the packages below to select which area you wish to develop in your business. The pricing spectrum for each package is included.

Business Development Consulting

Are you confident as a business owner that you are capturing all opportunities available to you? Or do you struggle to find the time to invest in the growth of your business due to a lack of available office time? I specialise in generating new sales opportunities for business owners allowing them to focus on the details of their industry or trade without having to dedicate the hours that it takes to invest in this aspect of business management.

Prices range from £100-500 per month.

The Digital Business Bundle

Together we look at all aspects of your brands online presence to ensure you’re always in the best position to maximise sales, recruit more clients and stay on top of your competition, all whilst keeping your time and money investments as low as possible. This bundle is a combination of both coaching and consulting, we cover principles such as social media management, content design and creation, web design, search engine optimisation and ad campaigns.

Prices range from £100-£1500 per month.

Business Planning and Productivity

Working alongside the business owner to build or tweak processes within their venture in order to achieve a desired outcome. This package focuses on business plans, goal setting, creating, adjusting and managing KPI’s and implementing processes to track and monitor performance across a business and it’s team.

Prices range from £100-£700 fixed fee.

The Full Business Coaching Bundle

This bundle is the most comprehensive as it covers aspects from all other packages, the business owner can hand select the areas in which they believe their focus needs to be which allows flexibility on cost or alternatively can cover principles from all areas.

Prices range from £500-£2000 per month.

The Staff Skills Bundle

This service is designed to coach and develop your team in order to have every team member on track to achieve your business goals. In this bundle I will work with your staff on delegation of tasks, role responsibilities, brand vision and ethics, this bundle also includes team incentive setting and tracking to ensure your workforce is constantly striving for excellence.

Prices range from £150-£700 per project.

Custom one to one Business Coaching

This service is focused on whatever a business leader wishes to develop within themselves in order to better develop their business and is carried out in one to one sessions. Examples of coaching areas range from time management skills, creating a work/life balance or even confidence coaching.

£30 an hour.

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“Natalie was initially engaged to be an interim social media manager to help us develop our reach on various platforms. Very quickly we realised that we needed her expertise in other areas of our online presence and she also assisted us with the development of our new website. What has been most useful about working with Natalie is the wealth of ideas that she brings to the table. She is able to view the business from an outside perspective and see opportunities that the existing management team are completely blinkered to. I’m sure we will be utilising Natalie in many other areas of the business as she has been so valuable in the work she has undertaken so far.”

Chris Eland – Operations Manager,

“As part of my post grad Natalie helped to establish a programme of reflection, which gave me the ability to gain greater insights into my study and then ultimately add value back into my organisation. Her coach methodology was full of helpful tools and techniques and her personal approach enabled us to build an instant rapport. She was professional, knowledgable and full of positive energy. I’ve been able to apply all the outcomes of the coaching sessions in real world settings, both with my team at work and my career horizons. Can’t thank her enough for tangible improvements and benefits I’ve gained. Made up with it all and happy to give a glowing reference!”

Jack Skofic – Graduate MBA

“Natalie was a great support to my art publication project, her industry knowledge is fantastic and her positive energy infectious!”

Hermione Canton – Local Artist
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