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What motivates me as a business coach is building a relationship with you as a business owner. Helping to identify areas of development and stand with you as the results change week on week and you achieve your goals. To me there is nothing more satisfying than looking back and pinpointing the small actions taken that led to a much greater success. Every day I feel so grateful to do so within my community. In my career I have led businesses to achieve astronomical financial growth, developed award winning teams and launched exclusive brands and products. All within some of the most famous and internationally recognised companies. Examples such as Dior, Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Now it’s time to bring the knowledge I have gained to you!

On this page you will find details of the businesses I’ve supported so far, their unique goals and hurdles along with details of how we worked together to address them.

Flow-Right Construction

Flow-Right Construction is a domestic construction company working in and around Walthamstow. The business specialise on loft conversions, extensions and full renovations of Victorian Terrace properties.



The Brief

Support brand owner in scaling the business and increase brand awareness by taking the brand online to increase business development opportunities.

The proposal

  1. Create a brand identity that clients can relate to.
  2. Launch social media, website, google account and referral platforms to increase digital footprint.
  3. Engage in localised collaborations to grow the business organically.
  4. Introduce a recruitment strategy and develop task based recruitment process to minimise time spent interviewing candidates.


When the managing director and I began working together this business was operating solely on a word of mouth basis in the borough of Walthamstow, with visions of creating a construction business with three build teams all working at once Chris and I set out to drive as many client enquiries as possible to realise this dream. As with any business, cash flow is always an issue so my goal was to employ a lean start up strategy as well as the kaizen method to ensure that small deliberate actions were taken at key intervals to enable the next bigger and better steps, this created a snowball effect of each business win enabling the next. In just 8 months Flow-Right Construction grew from one build team operating in a small area of Walthamstow to a business able to carry out 3 projects across London at a time and are fully booked until Autumn 22. The strategic hires put in place for this company were the addition of a project manager to assure quality over multiple projects and a design assistant to assist the Managing Director, Project Manager, Tendering Manager and clients in speeding the process from initial consultation to proposal and build execution.

Flow-Right Commercial Plumbing and Drainage Contractors

Flow-Right is a commercial plumbing, drainage and gas company that operates across London and the South East. The large majority of their clientele are top hotel and restaurant chains such as The Dorchester, The Mandarin, The Birley Clubs, Nando’s and Wahaca.

The Brief

Business is struggling to recruit and retain engineers, Operations Manager wishes to create more time for business development, warehouse in need of system introduction to streamline stock management.

The Proposal

  1. Consultation with team to assess their feelings in their roles and establish their motivations in a work environment.
  2. Revisit staff pay and incentives creating a more attractive reward for overtime carried out.
  3. Redesign hiring process to include both behavioural and task led exercise to ensure candidates and business align with each others expectations.
  4. New literature developed for job specs to inspire more candidates to apply.
  5. Strategic hire within the management team of a candidate who both specialises in stock management but can step into the day to day management of the business to buy time for the operations manager to develop new opportunities.
  6. Website development to re-enforce brand when initiating new relationships with potential clients.


Since working with Flow-Right they have increased their staff count with both quality engineers and an additional manager to lead change within their system of stock management. They are still working with their engineers to increase staff benefits and rewards and have a company website in development. Crucially, the Operations Manager is also now able to step away from consistently being in the detail of the day to day running of the business and due to this has secured contracts with restaurant chains such as Five Guys and The Breakfast Club.

Therese Tshiama London

Therese Tshiama is a start up specialising in the design and creation of luxury African inspired interiors, with fabrics hand woven in Africa. The brand is located in London and takes it’s inspiration from the brand owners both Angolan and Congolese heritage.



The Brief

To assist the business owner in speeding up the process from brand concept to launch, identify business development opportunities and help source new professional contributors to project.

The Proposal

  1. Scale down the proposed launch collection to just 4 designs in order to become more logistically and financially realistic.
  2. Re-assess launch date with a more realistic target to achieve.
  3. Revisit professional relationships and apply processes to manage any under performing contributors in order to meet new launch date, engage new professional relationships should obligations not be met.
  4. Leverage a market research group to align price point of products, identify icons within collection and plan social media strategy to position the brand in front of client demographic.
  5. Introduce PR and marketing plan for point of launch to increase brand awareness.


Since beginning our work together Therese has now established what was causing delays to her launch, she has put in place measures to ensure professionals who are contributing on her project are meeting her expectations and deadlines. We continue our work together and have begun planning her social media strategy.

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“Natalie was initially engaged to be an interim social media manager to help us develop our reach on various platforms. Very quickly we realised that we needed her expertise in other areas of our online presence and she also assisted us with the development of our new website. What has been most useful about working with Natalie is the wealth of ideas that she brings to the table. She is able to view the business from an outside perspective and see opportunities that the existing management team are completely blinkered to. I’m sure we will be utilising Natalie in many other areas of the business as she has been so valuable in the work she has undertaken so far.”

Chris Eland – Operations Manager,

“As part of my post grad Natalie helped to establish a programme of reflection, which gave me the ability to gain greater insights into my study and then ultimately add value back into my organisation. Her coach methodology was full of helpful tools and techniques and her personal approach enabled us to build an instant rapport. She was professional, knowledgable and full of positive energy. I’ve been able to apply all the outcomes of the coaching sessions in real world settings, both with my team at work and my career horizons. Can’t thank her enough for tangible improvements and benefits I’ve gained. Made up with it all and happy to give a glowing reference!”

Jack Skofic – Graduate MBA

“Natalie was a great support to my art publication project, her industry knowledge is fantastic and her positive energy infectious!”

Hermione Canton – Local Artist
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